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Video Editing is a process of patience and time management. And when it becomes your job or source of income, then it’s all about being creative and being productive. And Today, I will give you 5 Productivity tips for Video Editing.

Disclaimer: These all my personal tips. Does not necessarily mean they are any kind of rule or anything.

Tips No #1

Use Multiple Monitor.

Always use more than one monitor while you are editing. Having more than one monitor will really increase your Productivity and speed of Editing. Why?

Because You can split your work window in two monitor. In one monitor you can Keep your timeline and viewers like I do.  And in another one, you can keep your media library or event manager. You can keep all your source clips on the left monitor and do your work on the right monitor. If you have 3 monitor, then you can use the 3rd monitor to full screen preview your timeline or keep any other window open like a browser where you might be pulling information from or even your After Effects or Motion Graphics software or may be Photoshop or Illustrator.

In this way, you don’t have to switch to window every time. They will always be just open and will save a lot of time. Trust me, if you have to change to another window while doing Editing, its irritating. More monitors means more productivity. I give you 100% guarantee of being more productive using multiple monitor.

Tips No #2

Keyboard Shortcuts.

For your Editing Software, assign the important keyboard shortcuts like different tools or add edit, ripple delete, going forward or backward etc. Keep all the shortcut keys on the left side keys of the keyboard where you will be putting your left hand. So that you don’t have to travel through all the keyboard from one end to another end. And for your right hand, I just use my mouse using my right hand. I control all my all my shortcuts using left hand. TRUST ME, this will make your Editing so much faster than ever.  A Side tips: write down your assigned shortcuts and put it on your desk in case you forget which one is what. After few weeks, you will memorize them anyway after using them over and over again.

Tips No #3


Always transcode your Footage if you are using a DSLR or Prosumers Cameras where videos are being recorded in some sort of compressed format like H.264 or vice versa.

Transcoding your footage in a Edit Friendly format will make your Editing and Rendering Butter Smooth on the timeline and will save you a lot of time. Editing will be much more comfortable.

If you are using a Windows system and editing on Adobe Premiere, then transcode your footage to Cineform, widely known as GoPro CineForm. Its really premiere friendly and very light codec but at the same time very powerful codec. Premiere loves this Codec. Transcode it using Adobe Media Encoder or in the Latest Premiere release you can transcode them while importing the footage.

If you are Mac user and editing on Final Cut Pro X, then definitely transcode your footage to any flavours of Apple ProRes Codec. ProRes is one of the best codec for Camera Footage and I personally love this codec a lot. Nowadays, a number of cameras directly record in ProRes. Most of them are Professional Cameras. We also directly record in ProRes Format.

But one important thing. ProRes is not really good and editing friendly in Windows Computers. So, even if you directly shoot in ProRes, if you are editing on Windows Platform, then definitely transcode them to Cineform for Premiere. You will get better result. And if you are on Mac, ProRes is the king.

Tips No #4


You may have a big fat 6TB HDD in your system but did you know they are so slow? Yes they are. Read and Write speed of traditional mechanical HDDs are really slow. And it affects your Editing Workflow a lot.

So use SSDs for as your working drive. Means, You can even do SSD RAID with 2 or more SSD Drives. A Single SSD will give you around 400+ MBPS read and write speed (more or less). But when you combine 2 or 3 SSD in RAID 0 Software RAID, your read and write speed will be 2 or 3 times faster depending on how many SSDs you are binding. Its so fast that while your editing you won’t feel a glitch. Copying and Pasting files will be faster than ever.

You can also RAID your Mechanical HDDs, but speed will be 10 times slower than SSDs. But remember one thing, SSDs might be faster, but not reliable. If one drive is broken, all of your Data will be gone. So, use a Single SSD other than RAID 0 or use some backup system with Better Mechanical HDDs to archive your projects after you are done working with it.

Tips No #5

USE Multiple GPUs:

If you are editing to make money, then you already have a good Graphics Card in your system. And adding one, you will just make things much sweeter. Most of the Editing Software now supports multiple graphics card. Use 2 identical GPU for your system. Don’t SLI them or bridge them. Your software will use them in the best possible way. No matter you are on a MAC or in Windows. Multiple GPUS makes things faster specially in Rendering or Transcoding things or exporting your projects.

I hope all these tips will be helpful for you guys.

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