“Over-Reaction” of “World Media” about “ISIS Attacks” in Bangladesh


Its been a while since the ISIS attack took place in Bangladesh at Gulshan. It is such a tragedy that Bangladesh has never faced anything like it before. Many Bangladeshis and foreigners lost their lives during the brutal attack. The responsibility of that attack was claimed by ISIS through social media. It was and it still is a shock to the whole nation. Bangladeshis were stunned by the brutality of the attack. These are all now part of a sad history, a very unhappy incident.

While the attack was happening, we were also observing the World Media’s reaction about this. It was the breaking news in every big News Channel and was the headline of all the newspapers both nationally and internationally. But we will talk about only International Media here. We saw the live coverage by CNN or BBC. From the beginning to end of the broadcast, they were forcing to establish the presence of ISIS in Bangladesh. The coverage was overwhelming in many manners. But it was not the same as the other live coverage in the same manner when a attack is taking shape in other countries like USA, France or Germany. It was different. It was a bit pushy than others. Many analysts were coming and going to give their opinions during the broadcast session for the incident and hence, somehow, their opinions were pointing one single directions, which is, Bangladesh has ISIS on their land.

Ok, for instance, lets make an assumption that Bangladesh has ISIS in operation. If it is, then it is no different than the ISIS Operatives in other countries like USA, England, France, Germany or vice versa. It is also as same as the Terrorist Attacks that are taking place all over the world. When the security analysts were criticizing Bangladesh for not having enough experience or power to control Terrorism overwhelmingly, my question is, whether they were able to control the attacks in their own reputed countries. They are expert in Terrorism attacks and they have power and technologies and everything, but why they are not even a one percent successful of protecting their own land and thus they question countries like Bangladesh for their lack of experience in Controlling Terrorism? Isn’t that equal to having a Double Standard?

Lets talk about the Origins of Terrorism itself? Without any condition everyone will accept this that the source of Terrorism is in Middle East and the reason for the current terrorism is the War created or launched or initiated by the Western World in the Gulf Region. Most of the Asian Countries, specially Bangladesh had nothing to do with these Blood-sucking wars and still there is no connection. Bangladesh is a Muslim country but nobody has any agenda here to that war so far. Yes, we have been facing a lot of problems for being a not so rich country but the development is not that bad comparing to many other countries. But Bangladesh never had anything to do with any War or Terrorism. So, if it is ISIS, then, where ISIS is originated? Syria? I don’t remember even we had anything to do with Syria ever.

So, what does it mean? Isn’t Bangladesh is a victim of Western’s Wars in the Gulf Region? A problem created by the Western World but cannot be controlled by them in spite of having all the power and technologies and all the big sign boards? So what’s your agenda to establish ISIS in Bangladesh? When you have so much failure in controlling Terrorism, controlling gun-violence in your own countries, how can you tell others a failure? How can  you even offer to help other countries when you can’t even do it for yourself? How ISIS was created? Well there are a lot of theories surfacing around. Did Bangladesh created ISIS? NO. Not at all. ISIS was your brain child. Why? you know it better. ISIS was born due to Iraq Wars which was a complete failure in many sense. But not sure if it was a failure of business. The reality is, ordinary people of Bangladesh do not care about all these because these were never our headache. Your war made a peaceful country like Bangladesh vulnerable. You are completely, totally responsible for it. Don’t you think so? Well, you have power, you have media, you have everything so you can force anything on anyone. But it doesn’t have to be that dramatic at all.

If world is a stage drama then the world media are the performers of it. But tell us something… when our Security Forces getting success is destroying Terrorists throughout the nation, how come your media don’t broadcast it well? Don’t you think it will be a great encouragement for many other countries who still cannot control Terrorism including yourself? Or you have doubt on everything here. During 1971 war of Bangladesh, I think everyone knows how the world media reacted towards Bangladesh and how it was towards Pakistan even they did the most brutal thing in that war.

170 million people live in this country and its not a joke. We know how to protect our people, we know how to protect our country. Yes, we are not so rich or developed yet, but it won’t take too long to reach their. But we have a feeling that there are some hindrances in this development process and we are extremely of being a victim of your War. We know what is a show and what is a reality. Since you are more civilized, then we look forward to see more mature attitude and more civilized show from the western world. Come on guys! You can do better!

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