Bangladesh may be the best example in fighting Terrorism


After the recent Terrorist attack in Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh has taken some very effective measures to control the sudden terrorism problem. The government has been consistently pushing the boundaries of what can be done in order rectify and dissolve the matter. Though, terrorism is not a thing that can be solved within a month or two. Its a long term process and not only prevention but also cure is one of the main important steps that must be taken to stop terrorism forever.

When the Gulshan attack took place in Bangladesh killing a number of Bangladeshis and foreigners, the International media specially US Media has been criticizing Bangladesh massively for their lack of Experience in tackling Terrorism. The way they put everything into their show was really eye-soaring and also a very directive measure. The international media have been pushing to the limit to establish an statement – Bangladesh has the presence of ISIS – the latest terrorist group in spite of the fact that it is up until now, not clear, which body is responsible for creating this ISIS. The Bangladeshi Government, also, has been consistently claiming that there is no ISIS presence in Bangladesh; rather these are home grown terrorist inspired by the Terrorism created by the Western World in the Middle East. Which is, in fact, very true.

Leaving all the International Criticism behind and also offers for ‘help’ from different countries, Bangladesh started its own journey to fight this unwanted problem. A number operation has been propagated since Gulshan attack and each and every operation was successful at their level best. Even though, the International Media laughed at Bangladesh for not having enough resources or technologies to fight ISIS or Terrorism, Bangladesh has been consistently winning the battle.

Within a very short time, Bangladesh was able to capture the Mastermind of Gulshan attack along with many other new terrorists who where getting ready for new attacks on innocent people. This is something that must be praised everywhere because as far we are concerned, not many countries in the world including those ‘Rich’ countries, have been successful in something like this in such a short period of time.

In addition, something we must add in this achievement. Which is – the ordinary people of Bangladesh. Why? If there is any kind of attack in any Western Cities or Countries, the ordinary people really gets scared and even become horrifically vindictive and become notoriously racist. Example – the recent attacks on Muslims in New York. But in Bangladesh, the people, the ordinary people did not lose their patience and courage. They did not get scared at all rather they became very cautious and got into their fighting spirit to fight against these terrorists. This support was massive and this is for what any Terrorist organization can never be settled in Bangladesh. Its impossible.

Bangladesh is a land of 170 million people. People are not rich here hence, they lead a very tough life all over. From the moment they are born to through out their life, each and every day is a war for them. They know how to fight. They know how to reply. Yes, people are very ordinary and welcoming here and of coarse very simple minded. But that doesn’t mean they don’t understand what is religion and what is business. Bangladeshi People will never buy or sell religion and will never allow anyone to do so. If anyone does, the examples are written well in the past one month – the Gulshan Attack Terrorist. Even those terrorists’ parents not accepting their dead bodies at all. Though, the international world has been trying to push this Terrorism thing on Bangladesh for some weird reason as they did to many countries. But now you can tell, they were not successful at all. Nobody will ever be.

Hello World – this is Bangladesh. A country we fight everyday for many things. Terrorism is the least important factors we need to fight because we do know, in our land, no terrorism can root in. We will never let it. It is as small as it is big for the rest of the world. And to the Terrorists — DON’T TRY US. WE WILL NOT LET YOU LIVE. WE WILL NOT LET YOU GO IN ONE PIECE.

BTW, what are the reasons for the current Terrorism problems throughout the world? This is an open question for everyone. 🙂

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